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Commercial Epoxy Flooring
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Epoxy flooring is a great addition to many commercial areas such as hospitals, kitchens, hotels, and grocery stores. The floors are modern, sleek, and help to improve the structure and life of your concrete flooring. It takes just a few days to install, which helps to minimize disruption and downtime for your business. Our commercial epoxy coatings are extremely durable and are designed to provide long-lasting results. They can be applied in many different areas and require minimal maintenance. Keep reading below to learn more about the different services we offer.

Our Commercial Epoxy Flooring Services

Reliable and Customizable Flooring
There are countless benefits to having an epoxy flooring system professionally installed in a commercial environment. The floors are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also help to increase the safety and longevity of your pre-existing concrete. You can read more about the types of epoxy coatings we offer and the advantages of having a flooring system installed.
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Commercial Epoxy Flooring for Healthcare

Our epoxy coatings can be installed in a variety of healthcare environments including hospitals, veterinary clinics, assisted living centers, and laboratories. These floors are designed to resist damage from impact or heavy traffic. The surface of the floor is unable to absorb moisture, which prevents the growth of bacteria. These coatings meet hygiene standards and provide a safe, slip-free surface. There is minimal upkeep required, helping to reduce cleaning time needed in restaurants and kitchen areas.
commercial epoxy flooring Rogers

Commercial Epoxy for Manufacturing

Manufacturing environments are subject to heavy traffic, chemical spills, and damage from machinery. Epoxy coatings work to resist chemical spills and electricity, as well as protect the concrete from any moisture. These coatings require low maintenance and are designed to look new for years, even with heavy impact and traffic. It adds to the weight resistance, allowing forklifts, gurneys, and equipment to be used with no damage to the concrete.
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Commercial Epoxy for Kitchens

Restaurants and industrial-grade production kitchens are a common area for epoxy coatings to be installed due to the safe, skid-free surface. This helps to keep people safe if the area becomes wet and prevents falls or injuries. The coatings are USDA compliant, ensuring your floor is unable to absorb moisture and harbor bacteria. They are also popular in restaurant lobbies, bars, and bathrooms.

Increased Durability

Our commercial epoxy coatings are able to withstand heavy foot traffic, machinery, and liquid spills. These coatings can:

  • Resist chemicals and solvents
  • Hold up to wear from automobiles, forklifts, and machinery
  • Stand up to industrial cleaning products

Simple Maintenance

Maintaining your epoxy floor is easy and doesn’t require time-consuming cleaning procedures. A dust mop can be used to free the surface from debris, while a wet mop or rag can clean any spills. In large areas, a standard hose can be used to rinse the surface of the floor. No regular waxing or polishing is needed to keep your floor looking sleek and new.

Safe and Reliable

When you have an epoxy floor installed, you can be sure the area is safe and able to withstand the demands of your business. Our coatings:

  • Skid-resistant surface helps to reduce falls and make the floor safe, even when wet
  • Prevents bacteria and mold growth
  • Resists damage from impact, chemical spills, and heavy traffic

Customize Your Epoxy Flooring

A Variety of Colors and Variations
Epoxy Flooring Rogers has a wide range of colors and design options available, allowing you to choose the perfect floor for your business! You are no longer restricted to the bland, dull colors of bare concrete with our wide color scheme and decorative additives. You can enhance your floor with metallic pigments to create depth or epoxy flake to help with slip-resistance. Our professional contractors have all the experience and tools necessary to install a flawless work of art in your space.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Rogers Arkansas

Help preserve the life of your concrete floor and transform it into a sleek, modern space with a commercial epoxy floor coating. Our services ensure your floor is durable and long-lasting. Call us today for your free quote!

Additional Areas for Commercial Epoxy Installation

Adaptable Flooring Solution

Our contractors have extensive experience installing epoxy flooring in areas such as:

  • Dental Offices
  • Laundromats
  • Public Restrooms
  • Auto Shops and Showrooms

Trust in Our Contractors

Licensed and Fully Insured Professionals
It’s important to always have an epoxy flooring system professionally installed, to ensure the process is done correctly. There are certain steps that must be taken to create a seamless surface that prevents moisture and liquid seepage. Incorrectly installed epoxy coatings may be subject to damage, which can lead to concrete damage or accidental injuries. Our contractors are licensed, fully insured, and have the tools needed to install a flawless epoxy floor. We use the highest grade materials available to ensure you are completely satisfied and always strive to provide quality customer service to our clients. Explore our site to learn more about our epoxy flooring services and how we can transform your concrete floor. Reach out to us today for a free quote.

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