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Strengthens and Rejuvenates Concrete
Over time, the concrete on pools and patios can become worn, cracked, and dull. Epoxy coatings are a great way to give your pool deck a face lift while also protecting and prolonging the life of the concrete. The epoxy coatings allow you to change the design, texture, and color of your poolscape without having to replace the original concrete. We offer a wide range of coatings and variations that can completely transform and uplift your pool deck or patio. Keep reading to learn more about our pool deck resurfacing services.

Epoxy Flooring Rogers Pool Deck Resurfacing Services

Make Your Concrete Deck Vibrant Again
We offer a variety of coatings and materials to help bring your dull, cracked concrete patio back to life! Our epoxy coatings can also help to make your poolscape safer when wet. You can find the different types of pool deck resurfacing services available below, as well as the benefits to an epoxy coating for your poolscape.
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Epoxy Coatings

There are specific epoxy coatings that are designed to be used on outdoor concrete. This coating helps to preserve the life of your concrete while providing a safe, skid-free surface. Even when wet, the surface will help to prevent slips and injuries. This is a great way to help keep your pool area safe. There are several different colors and finishes available, allowing you to customize your new space.
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“Cool” Deck Coatings

These unique coatings are designed to help lower the surface temperature of the concrete, even on hot summer days. The coatings can also resurface your concrete and help to provide grip even when wet. On average, these coatings can help reduce the concrete temperature by 20 degrees. One popular brand is Kool Decking, which first debuted in 1962.
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Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete is an easy way to transform the look of your pool deck without having to replace any existing concrete. This overlay can create the look of stone, tiles, pavers, and other textures with a thin layer of stamped concrete. There are also a variety of pigments and variations available to make the stone appear vivid and realistic.
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Preserve Concrete

the various coatings available for outdoor concrete can help to preserve the life of your pool deck or patio. These coatings:

  • Help waterproof surface and prevent stains
  • Prevent cracking and fading
  • Absorb foot traffic in frequently used areas
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Easy to Maintain

There is no drastic maintenance required to keep your resurfaced pool deck looking new. A soft bristle broom can be used to clear the deck of any debris, while a standard garden hose can be used to clean any stains or spills. The surface will be unable to absorb any liquids, making clean up quick and easy.
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Improved Safety

damaged concrete is not only visually unappealing, it can also be dangerously slick when wet. As concrete becomes worn and cracked, the risk of slips, falls, and injuries increases. These coatings help to:

  • Create a skid-free surface, which helps to reduce dangerous slips and injuries
  • Remains slip-free even when wet
  • Lowers surface temperature to protect feet
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When Should I Resurface My Pool Deck?

Fix Flaws and Refresh Concrete
Your concrete pool deck or patio should be resurfaced when there are signs of wear to the concrete. If there are any cracks, stains, or fading, your pool deck is not functioning adequately. Cracks or areas of broken concrete can lead to tripping or slips in areas with pooled moisture. Faded or dull concrete can lead to the surface becoming hot, which can burn bare feet on hot days. Choosing to resurface your pool deck can help to make your pool area enjoyable and safe for the whole family.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

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If you are looking to give your poolscape a face lift, an epoxy coating is a great choice. Epoxy Flooring Rogers has the best variety of coatings and uses the highest quality materials available. Reach out to us today for your free quote!

Custom Pool Deck Resurfacing

Designed for You
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Choosing Epoxy Flooring Rogers for your pool deck resurfacing is a great way to transform your pool area with a variety of colors, textures, and variations. We have several types of materials and tools available to help create a space that is safe, relaxing, and appealing. Whether you are looking to add color to your pool deck, add the illusion of stone, or regulate temperatures, we have a coating to fit your needs. Our contractors have all the tools and experience necessary to create the pool space of your dreams. Call us today with any questions.

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It’s important to have a licensed professional complete your pool deck resurfacing, to ensure the process is done properly and efficiently. If any crucial steps are missed, the coating may not seal or function correctly. We work to provide great customer service to our clients and strive to make sure you are satisfied with your resurfaced pool deck. We utilize the highest quality materials in the Rogers area to ensure your poolscape looks new for years. Browse our site to learn more about our epoxy flooring services and pool deck resurfacing options.

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